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Timber Frame Builders is a full service Timber Frame Company

Whether you need design ideas, frame designs, blueprints, drawings, just a frame, a "dry shell" or a "turn key home"... Timber Frame Builders has the expertise and experience to meet your needs.

In addition to designing, fabricating and raising timber frames, we are also a licensed and insured General Contracting Company who specialize in the construction of Custom Timber Frame and Timber Frame Hybrid homes.

Whether or not you choose to have us build your home, Timber Frame Builders is here to assist you through the design process and to provide you with the necessary blue prints and drawings required to build a complete timber frame home

Your blue prints and drawings are the single most important documents you will need for building a timber frame home ! ! !

In most cases your contracts with the frame company, your General Contractor, the mechanical subs, and the SIPS company will all say as per drawings provided.

Because we are involved on a daily basis with the construction of Timber Frame Homes, you can rest assured you are dealing with a company that truly understands all of the unique design, structural, and construction issues associated with building a timber frame home.

Your drawings and blue prints should specifically include all of the design, dimensions, and structural information precisely the way the home will be built.


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